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“If only acid rain could make the world go trippy. Every boring business man would surely be a hippie.”

hello little love bugs.

I don't really know how to explain the kind of person I am in just a few sentences, I don't really think that's possible for anyone. So for now, just know that i think a little oddly-er then others and I'm infatuated with the concept of being a free spirit, in the sense where I year for my soul to be free from the mass amounts of negativity in this world as much as possible. ill figure out a more interesting biography later.

i wish you nothing but positive vibes~

extended bio:

Patience is a Virtue (via yrkvn)

Sometimes when you really want something specific in your life, the waiting can trigger frustration and doubt that it is ever coming. Those times are periods when you must learn to trust that the universe is doing its work. Your desire is known. Your intent has been proclaimed. Part of working with the Law of Attraction is letting go of the need to control the timeframe during which your desire manifests in your life. You have the capacity to let go of that compulsion and as the noted psychologist Carl Rogers once observed, “You can’t push the river.”